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For over forty years SUMIKO has been driven by a collective passion for making the best sound possible in the analog format. We have done so while striving to develop the best sounding designs in each price class to best complement our customers music systems



₹ 7100

The bonded spherical stylus and rugged generator assembly of the Oyster makes it perfect for those seeking an accurate, un-hyped moving magnet cartridge that can be used in a wide range of applications. The Oyster will elevate the performance of nearly any modern low mass tonearm turntable it adorns.

Black Pearl

₹ 8990

The Black Pearl incorporates a tried and reliable cartridge body with an improved cantilever and the same spherical stylus as the Oyster. This combination gives an overall richer output, including greater channel separation and a wider frequency response that pushes the listening experience to the next level.

Black Pearl.jpg


₹ 10,700

The SUMIKO Pearl is a truly unique and precious find within the sea of moving magnet phono cartridges. The Pearl’s smooth, natural sound reproduction breathes life into any recording with poise and transparency. The Pearl is critically acclaimed for its ability to pull a complete sonic picture from each record it touches on a wide variety of modern turntables.


₹ 13,350

 Rainier continues the Pearl’s legacy of smooth, natural sound reproduction. After years of development, we are proud to introduce an all-new integrated body and generator system that improves playback performance all around. The ability to upgrade the stock stylus to an Olympia or Moonstone makes this the perfect entry-level cartridge that will not disappoint for years to come.



₹ 17,850

Utilizing a better stylus and cantilever, the Olympia improves on the Rainier in every aspect. More dynamic punch and improved frequency response makes this an excellent choice for Rainier owners looking for an upgrade.


₹ 26,800

The Moonstone is an affordable high-performance moving magnet cartridge that utilizes the powerful mechanically-generated electromotive forces of the moving magnet to help give your playback extra punch and convincing realism. Exceptionally well-balanced and dimensionally dense, the breathtaking dynamics of the Moonstone outperform many comparably priced moving coil cartridges without requiring the huge investment in preamplification.




₹ 53,700

Easily our most ambitious moving magnet cartridge to date, the Amethyst features a nude Line-Contact stylus and an upgraded generator assembly providing ultra-low noise, hair-raising dynamics, and superior tracking. This unique setup takes advantage of physically-generated electromotive forces fundamental to MM designs which accurately recreate the original sound of any recording. The Amethyst is an easy choice when looking for the highest performance with the versatility to pair well with nearly any phono stage on the market.

Blue Point no. 2

₹ 40,250

The Blue Point No. 2 has long set the performance standard for the savvy audiophile on a budget. The high-output moving-coil design affords you the responsiveness of a low-mass cantilever without requiring a huge investment in the phono section of your system. Compatible with any moving-magnet phono preamp and virtually any tonearm you can throw at it, the Blue Point No. 2 is a flexible performer at a great price that has stood the test of time as a steal in value.

Blue Point No. 2.jpg

Blue Point Special EVO (L&H)

₹ 49,900

Blue Point Special EV0III Lo.jpg

The BPS EVO III sets a high bar for performance at this highly competitive price point. Its tonal balance is remarkably smooth, exhibiting a fundamental richness and overall warmth without sacrificing musical detail and resolution. The versatility of the high-output moving coil variant allows this cartridge to be driven by nearly any MM phono stage, saving you extra dollars to spread around to the rest of your system. Also available in low output variant. The low-mass coils take some of the pressure off the cantilever suspension system to allow the assembly to squeeze out every last drop of performance from even difficult to track albums.

Songbird (L&H)

₹ 80,600

Our newest open-architecture moving coil cartridge provides an amazing acoustic return on a relatively small investment in your analog setup. The newly developed chassis design is extremely rigid, eliminating the need for any resonance-prone housing. The long 7-micron stylus face handles different cutting angles well, creating amazingly detailed but relaxed sound in a wide variety of setups. The Songbird is an excellent choice for anyone looking to drastically upgrade the analog section of their system at an excellent value.

Songbird w logo.jpg

Blackbird (L&H)


₹ 1,11,950

The Blackbird has long been regarded as providing incredible performance per dollar, with a level of resolution and clarity exceeding cartridges twice its price. The open-body design eliminates potential resonances, allowing for a low mechanical impedance mounting system. The rare long-grain boron cantilever provides excellent energy transfer from the stylus to the coils. No wonder it finds itself on so many recommended component lists.


₹ 1,61,200

Our new flagship open-architecture moving coil cartridge uses the same resonance-reducing body design as the Songbird, but introduces a long-grain boron cantilever and a Micro-Ridge stylus. This allows the Starling to render the grandeur of an orchestra while still preserving air and space, and also realize every detail of a nuanced jazz recording with its responsive dynamics and deep silences. The mechanical silence of the Starling helps achieve a dynamic linearity across the entire spectrum that allows it to handle even the most demanding passages with effortless poise and convincing drive

Starling w logo.jpg
Celebration II 2.jpg

Pearwood Celebration

₹ 2,50,800

SUMIKO’s many years of experience fine-tuning sound and our continuing desire to reveal the most vibrant and exciting colors of analog led to the development of the Celebration II. With its harmonic richness, pin-drop articulation, and excellent frequency separation, the Celebration II is for music lovers seeking the musical experience of the finest analog front end.

Palo Santos Presentation

₹ 4,03,150

The Palo Santos features an upgraded generator anchoring system which substantially improves rigidity and eliminates resonance and background noise. The long-grain boron cantilever and Micro-Ridge stylus bring out more detailed resolution without compromising warmth or musicality. Delivering a sonic presentation that is truly magical, the Palo Santos represents the pinnacle of SUMIKO’s renowned analog prowess.